MTV’s Rock Band 2 or Activision’s Guitar Hero World Tour? This is the question that must be going around inside the heads of millions of avid gaming fans as they deliberate on their next game purchase. Both, Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour, have been creating raves in the gaming scene with terrific responses from gaming fans, and millions of copies of these two games have been sold already. Two super games in the same segment obviously lead us to this question—which is better? Rock Band or Guitar Hero? A complicated question to which there are no straightforward answers. To complicate matters, the Internet is already loaded with suggestions, advices, and help regarding the better choice, but all the suggestions seem loaded with self influenced ideas and thoughts of the two games. This is why an objective look at the pros and cons of both is needed to make the right decision.

Both games offer downward scrolling notes, which can be played using a wireless drum or guitar. The vocals are through a wired microphone pretty much like a karaoke. The games target all gamers, avid music fans as well as the versatile gamer as both games offer stunning audio effects as well as a superior gaming experience. The credit for introducing drums in the play goes to Rock Band, but World Tour went miles further by adding more innovations to the drum segment. The drum set in World Tour is more streamlined with less noise, better kick pedal and 2 raised cymbal pads. The vocals definitely feel better in World Tour, helped by the introduction of a touchpad on the neck. So better vocals and drums…the World Tour, definitely.

If you think that’s enough to decide, hold your horses; we’ve got some bad news for you. Lots of World Tour players are complaining of drumming misfires, but the makers of this game have come up with a solution in the form of a free tuner cord that you’ll have to attach to a computer to solve the problem. That’s a definite pull-down considering the promise shown by the product. If you’re looking at a product that doesn’t require any extra effort on your part to get the full works, then Rock Band 2 is better. This puts Rock Band 2 higher in the ease-of-use factor.

If you like playing online games with your team , then you’ll find Rock Band 2 more apt to your team skills. Rock Band 2 is tuned prime for team playing than solo, and it’s designed to give you more control over other members of the band and helps you retain control over the play by responding to and assisting your team players when their notes go wrong. Rock Band 2 menus are also way easier than World Tour’s and this helps when you play with the band or go online.

If it’s individuality you want and going solo is your style, then you’ll end up getting fixated with World Tour because its recording and mixing studio packs more features and is more dependable. The selections of songs in both games are almost the same with more than 84 songs offered in each. However, there are obviously some songs that can be played only in the respective games. For example: MJ, Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen and Coldplay in World Tour and Kansas, The Offspring, Panic at the Disco, and AC/DC in Rock Band 2. Rock Band scores over World Tour in the number of downloaded tracks available online with a bigger database of songs.

If you compare all the features, you’ll probably end up finding that World Tour has the better instruments, groovier track list, more solo features and is better suited for causal players and online gamers. You’ll find that Rock Band 2 has better team-play features, hassle free and is more suited to experienced musicians and gamers. So, in the end, you’ll find that both have their advantages and disadvantages, and you’ll simply just have to go by the kind of facilities you want in the game. Simple rule: experienced musicians and gamers; go for Rock Band 2, casual players; go for World Tour.