PokerIt can be quite easy to fall into the pitfall that all your favourites have existed for a while. After all, poker and blackjack are ancient! Certainly we’ve figured out all the rule variations rather quickly. But you’d be wrong! There’s a whole industry of creative people who strive to create new alterations to your favourite releases. Today, we’ll take a look at what goes into creating slots and table games. So if you’re looking to make one yourself, take notes!

Something in Common

Obviously, releases with obviously different genres don’t have a lot in common. But there are a few golden rules that every game must follow. The first is the most obvious: The House Always Wins. To us, as players, this is clearly bias aimed against our wallets! But really, what casino will stock a release where they lose money?

That doesn’t give the prospective developer an excuse to create something super unfair, however! Gamblers have to feel like they have a solid chance of winning, and the game has to feel fun to play. Of course, quantifying what’s fun can be very difficult! That’s why every release goes through rigorous play-testing before it’s put on the market.

Table for New?

Brand new table games are rare to find. This isn’t a conspiracy by the casinos to clamp down on innovative and lucrative releases, don’t worry. Instead, it mostly has to do with the players themselves. If you want to spend a few hours relaxing, do you want to try and learn a brand new game, or something you’re already familiar with?

As a result, the focus of most new table games is to offer something familiar, but different. Most of the time, this defaults to variations of blackjack and poker. Sometimes, there are brand new rules added to the release to make it fit. Other times, it’s just one or two new Side Bets. That’s not to say brand new games don’t sometimes become smash hits. They just have a much harder time doing so.

Even if these new releases try something brand new, they usually don’t stray from what gamblers are familiar with. Six sided dice and 52-card decks will be used in whatever new creation you choose to sample.

Winning the Slottery

Unlike table games, which can be designed by one person, slots are always a team effort. Whether physical machine or online, developers have worked hard to create smash hits. It can be very tempting to think that the software provider just cobbled a game together in two months and put it out to market. It can happen for filler releases, but it’s incredibly rare! After all, each developer wants to protect their reputation, and launching trash slots doesn’t help.

Before a single line of code is written, the team comes together to discuss what idea they want to use, and how to handle it. It’s a complex mess of game design, math and art that slowly forms into the latest and greatest by your favourite software provider. As a result, most developers will fall back on existing mechanisms and special features.

All releases are designed to retain your attention for as long as humanly possible. But whether or not that succeeds depends solely on us, the players! Of course, there are some ways to increase your chances. Fantastic graphics, engaging special features and a lucrative math model are all very important! Developers also need to ensure they know what market they’re targeting, and to tune the release’s volatility accordingly.

Wrapping Up

Now, putting it all here is one thing, but actually doing it is a completely different beast! Still, we hope you enjoyed a brief insight into how your favourite slots and table games came to be. So next time you’re playing at the casino, make sure to appreciate all the effort that went into them!